Evocation/Invocation Seminar

Evocation/Invocation Seminar

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Host a private seminar for your loved ones and friends! This discussion focuses on covering the history and intricacies of the art of Evocation and Invocation in Magick. If you and your loved ones are ready to take your practice and understanding of Magick to the next level, this private seminar is for you. 

  • Learn the difference between Evocation and Invocation
  • How to summon a spirit, entity or guide
  • How these techniques are used in modern day 
  • What the benefits of Evocation and Invocation are
  • How you can apply the information you obtain practically to your life
  • How you can begin to incorporate these skills into your personal practice
  • Q & A answering any and all questions you have on any subject matter

Pricing starts at $7,500. Travel, accommodations and other considerations are not included in this price. Please contact us with your location, size of party and topic you wish to discuss and we will get back to you with further details.

Custom seminars are available to discuss any topic you wish to know more about. 

The Masters Realm reserves the right to accept or respectfully decline any request for services. We welcome you to send an inquiry regarding any questions or custom requests.