Candle Burning Service

Candle Burning Service

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Perfectly discreet, this service is ideal if you do not have the space, privacy or time to look after a candle. With this service you will receive, 

- 1 Seven Day candle custom dressed with herbs and oils that align with your needs. 

- Powerful Charging Meditation

- A space for your candle to burn. Although these candles are referred to as Seven Day candles, they typically burn for 3-7. 

- If you have chosen a reading, you will receive information based on how your candle burned, signs left on the glass and any information channeled once it has finished.

Limited space available.

Please select a topic:

  • Cleansing
  • Removing Blockages
  • Increasing Self Love
  • Improving a Relationship
  • Self Transformation
  • Attracting Love
  • Reunite with Higher Self
  • Reveal Enemies

We can also burn candles to honor or serve various deities, angels and energies on your behalf.


The Masters Realm reserves the right to accept or respectfully decline any request for services. We welcome you to send an inquiry regarding any questions or custom requests.