Candle Magick Seminar

Candle Magick Seminar

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Brittney's goal is to reignite a passion for manifestation and renew trust for intuition and limitless power! Your guests will leave this seminar feeling empowered, prepared to take on their goals and confidence to break through life's obstacles.

In this Candle Magick Seminar, you and your friends will learn:

  • How to set intention and write a petition 
  • How to dress a candle
  • How to charge a candle & guided in-person exercise
  • How to use planetary alignment and direction to your advantage
  • How to read your candle as it is burning 
  • How to read your candle after it has finished


Pricing starts at $7,500. Travel, accommodations and other considerations are not included in this price. Please contact us here with your location, size of party and topic you wish to discuss and we will get back to you with further details.

Custom seminars are available to discuss any topic you wish to know more about. Advanced subjects also available. Simply contact us here. 

The Masters Realm reserves the right to accept or respectfully decline any request for services. We welcome you to send an inquiry regarding any questions or custom requests.